Wednesday, May 19, 2010

AZ Prop 100

Arizona just passed a bill that will add a 1% "temporary" sales tax for the space of 3 years. Two thirds of the tax will fund "primary and secondary education" while the remaining third will fund "health and human services and public safety," aka: miscellaneous things. I should have posted earlier but I didn't anticipate the bill actually passing.

Bill Text

Here are the facts that I take into consideration:

1) A "temporary" tax cannot fix a permanent program.

2) The US government has sufficiently funded public education for who knows how many years, so why all of a sudden is an increased sales tax needed to "save" education? The reason is that government spending is out of whack across the board. The state's priorities are wrong and THAT is what needs to be fixed. There is a lot of wasteful spending.

What is really disgusting is that actual threats were made to the jobs of educators, saying that they would absolutely be laid off if this bill didn't pass. This, to me, is evil.

The next one is just my opinion and is somewhat unrelated, but definitely contributed to my vote:

3) Public schools are ran by socialists who provide crappy, generalized education and who give diplomas to uneducated kids who will never contribute to society. "Poorly ran" is a common theme among all government ran programs and I don't support them. Education should never be a public service. It should be private. Contrary to popular belief, education is not a right.

I think that most people don't know that 1/3 of the tax is going to pay for "health and human services as well as public safety" [prop 100: Section 12.1. E.2]

That is so vague. Pretty much, they're saying that they're going to take a significant chunk of this tax and pay for whatever they want. They just say 2/3 for education so that sensitive mothers will sport clever stickers on their car that say "Every child is worth 1¢". Very clever indeed. What about "Every child is worth $0.0066" because that would be more accurate.

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