Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Letting the Eye Nine Slide

So I was watching CNN at lunch like I always do and they had a woman on there that I wanted to strangle.

The issue was immigration raids done on the job site. I don't know much about this but it sounds like there's some bill being passed by our man Obama that will take the punishment away from the illegals and putting it on the employers. The news anchor brought up a good point to the woman by saying that the employers can't always know. They can't tell if a green card is fake and why should they have the responsibility to manage the immigrations issues of America?

Good point.
The woman skirted the issue nicely and didn't even respond. She sat right next to him, and on live TV, she looked him in the eye and started talking about something else. I don't know what world politicians are from or how they've all gotten to the point where that's okay, but please. That is so inappropriate and rude. You are a guest on his TV show and you answer his questions. He is then bound by his responsibility as a host not to embarrass his guest so he lets it slide. The American attitude at its best. Just letting it slide.

What she said made me so upset. She was saying how these raids violated the rights of US citizens because sometimes the police would handcuff people at these work sites before they checked them and sometimes people would end up being American Citizens. Basically, what I interpret is that the police should come with a list of all the people who are illegal and only handcuff them before they do the check to see who is illegal... wait. that doesn't work. It may not work, but if we did it no one would be offended. That's more important I guess. Making sure everyone is all smiles.

She said that we shouldn't discriminate these immigrants because "they're Americans too." I think that if we're going to have closed boarders then we need to have closed boarders. Are these people breaking the rules or not? If we're just going to let it slide then open up the boarders and we'll see if people like this woman feel the same after just one day of open boarders. What an idea. They may be Central or South Americans, but I'll embrace that fluff the day I hear native Mexican people in Mexico proudly claim to be Americans. They're as American as Canadians are American. They are not legally Americans so... no. They're not American.

This made me think about immigration and the economy.
To be short...

Idea: Crack down on immigration hard core. If you're not here legally, then you get the boot unless you're the lucky few to have a legal child of age. You get mercy. If not, then you are forcibly removed.

Result: The government doesn't spend money to feed and shelter these people nor pay for their medical care. Also, there are masses of job openings for legal Americans and less American dollars being sent to worker's families in other countries.

Problem: My coworker brought up the point that Americans don't want to do those jobs and even if they did they wouldn't want to be paid what these people are being paid now.

My response was that that was a sad American state of mind that will have to change. I can't imagine a well educated father of four picking strawberries, but what about one of his four children? I'm sure there are loads of teenage people who would do these jobs or other people who could fit the mold. Maybe they'll have to pay more. Maybe produce will go up a bit more in price. At least it will be going to Americans. Just think of the poor situation we're in when it becomes too expensive to produce fruits and vegetables or to get a house built or a ditch dug. Maybe we're just thinking wrong. Maybe we should put more value in these things and less in our fancy cars and our fast foods and fancy restaurants. Maybe we shouldn't be spending money on so many luxuries. Maybe we should realize the state of the economy and the true worth of our dollar and only spend it where it's truly worth spending.

The dollar is a representation of our ability and personal work. Maybe physical work, maybe intellectual work. It is, either way, the result and physical reward of the usage of our talents. It's important that we redeem it for something worthwhile.

Time to go home. Thanks again for reading.

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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

This American*

*This post is the opinion of the writer. Please be aware that this is not directed at any one person, but it is in response to the news and media.*

So I've recently been more and more interested in politics. If ever my dad talked about it while I was growing up, I would nod and smile and be thinking about superheroes while he talks about national and world issues.

It was the recent election that did it for me. I remember the governal election in California that was a parade of midgets and silver screen stars. The only normal person running got fed up with being overshadowed by the overpowering personalities he was up against. The movie star won and he is sucking all the moral fiber out of California.

This past presidential election was similar. We had a Mormon, a woman, a black man, an old war vet with his flashy female sidekick and then a hippy that we only heard about because of his cult following and their rebel-inspired banners on the freeways and on car bumpers.

I would have supported the "Hippy" Ron Paul had he been more of a leader. He couldn't even get himself noticed enough to be mentioned on the news on TV or the radio, how could he lead a country? I liked his views, but he was not a leader.

I ended up voting for Romney in the primaries because he seemed to be in line with my moral standards and the general teachings of the Mormon Church which holds high regard for moral and financial responsibility which, in my opinion, are the two things this country really lacks. People flipped out about him being a Mormon and he just wasn't getting the support. We've had other very religious presidents, but for some reason, Mormon was just too much for the people to handle.

So I voted for John and Sara because they were the most down to earth. They talked about things with practicality. For example, the war; McCain said we needed to get the job done and then get out; as opposed to Obama saying that we just needed to get out of there asap, denying the responsibility we have to fix what we've broken. We will all see together that he will end up using McCain's policy anyway because we can't just pull out.

I liked how he talked about money. They mentioned a spending freeze. Stopping spending where it was excess and spending wiser where it was needed. Putting America on a budget is what any wise American would do in their own lives were they in this financial situation. They talked about tapping into natural resources currently guarded by hippy treehugers, and while we made money off of that, looking for alternate sources of fuel.

America looked at this financial plan and said, "Whoa!... The other guy is talking about tax breaks and bailouts while you're talking about spending freezes and budgeting!" These fat Americans sat in their large houses and glanced at their fancy cars and said, "No way am I giving these up!"

"I deserve these things," they thought.

"This is the American Dream!" they thought.

The decision was obvious to most people. 1) Struggle while we try to fix a mess we've created, or 2) create a large government who will just give us money for free.

I know a country who made this decision years and years ago. That country is England. I lived there for two years and I can say that Americans don't understand what it means when they decide to give the government so much power to take from the rich and give to the poor. I don't know a lot about the inner workings of England, because I was a focused missionary while I was there, but I have intense first hand experience with the neighborhoods they call "The Council", named after the government programme that owns a massive portion of British property. Somehow, the people have surrendered endless amounts of entire neighborhoods to the ownership of the government. These houses are dived out to people who can't afford anything. If a teenage girl has a child, she gets a house. If someone is out of work for so long for whatever reason, they get a house. Sounds a little sketchy, and seems harmless right? Entire generations grow up in these houses. These people get more money from the government for not working than they would get from any entry level job position. I heard many British people admit to my face that they chose to stay in this degraded existence because they would struggle more in the real world and had no conscience to tell them what they were doing was wrong because there are millions of people in exactly the same situation.

What is the solution? I don't know. Are we headed there? I think so, yes.

It's harsh, but I think that some people need to fail. Some businesses need to close. People need to learn to use their money wisely and only spend what they have and can afford. Don't tell me it's not that simple because if you think that then you're diluted. Diluted by the people who feed off of our desperation. Those who rise to power in times of turmoil with promises of free passes and bailouts. These people live in a fantasy world where they can spend pretend money and feed their children with a Peter Pan banquet of fantasy foods. The dream sequence fog clouds these people's vision and they are unable to see the long term consequences of their actions. If this is not the case then the other alternative is that they are liars who purposefully deceive the desperate with their quick fixes. Either way, these people are now our leaders. They have been given the power to suck away the value of our money by printing billions of fake, worthless bills so that we can feel like we have money to spend on our fancy cars and large houses and government bailouts.

A wise man once had a vision of a time where people ate, drank, and were merry in a large and spacious building that was floating as it were in the air with no foundation, no stability or anchor in and substantial value... with no real purpose or product. These people pointed and laughed at those who clung to the iron rod, fixed to the solid ground and straight path. We know the story. And for those who don't; the end is tragic for those who wore the facade of security and they lay in ruins, crushed by the great fall of the world in which they invested their lives.

I'm young and inexperienced, but isn't that what we need sometimes? Someone from the outside to step in and say, "Hey, what are you guys doing!?"

Please take into consideration the views I expressed. Don't take offence but take pride in yourself by taking responsibility for your actions.

As I step out the door of my parents nest and take flight into the world of independence, I'm afraid of the change I feel in the winds. I'm afraid of this man Obama who we, the people chose to fix our financial situation. Listen to what he says. We need to step out of our security blankets and look at this from the standpoint of cold reality. Long term. Not for our children or their children, but for us. The long term effects may be felt before long, so make sure that you, yourself are secure.

Get a skill. Get a voice.

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